Friday, November 22, 2019

Five from 1971 Topps

Some time ago, I posted four 1971 Topps that I picked up (Willie Mays, Curt Flood, Manny Sanguillen, and Steve Carlton).  That was just the first half of my effort to bolster my 1971 Topps cards in my binder.  Here we have the others, starting with Bobby Bonds.
I love the 1971 design including the card back (even if they had to give up all the lines of stats).  So I wanted a few more (I already had several from my original period of collecting in the 80s/90s), and the only question was who to get.  There are several spots in my collection now that when I wanted to pick up a few cards from a set, I picked Bobby Bonds: I posted the 1980 Burger King yesterday, and his 1977 Topps a while ago.  There's at least one more that I haven't posted yet.  I read an article about Barry Bonds once that described him as being born into baseball royalty -- I wouldn't describe Bobby Bonds as baseball royalty, but he's the kind of player I love, putting up solid numbers over a long time, even if he didn't end up at Hall of Fame levels.  
Then we have Hank Aaron and Ernie Banks.  I didn't manage to pick up any good cards of Ernie Banks in the 80s/90s; it looks like maybe I only had his Baseball Immortals and a Collect-a-Book.  It looks like I didn't post it but I did get a 1960 All-Star card of his, and now this 1971 Topps.  I did have a couple good Hank Aaron cards from back in the day, from towards the end of his career.  It's always good to have more of him, and this is slightly earlier than those others I had.
I posted a 1976 Topps Reggie Smith the other day that I said wasn't destined for my main binder.  The reason for that is that I have the 1971 Topps, showing him with the Red Sox, a team I associate him with more.  And I already had a bunch of Thurman Munson cards, but this 1971, with the great action shot and rookie trophy, is the best of his, I think.

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  1. I think it's safe to say that the Munson qualifies as iconic! Such a great looking card.