Sunday, November 17, 2019

Coming attractions: a bunch of Sportflics

After having experimented with buying a few blasters of current product this year, I figured out that buying yet more junk cards brings me more joy.  And something that makes me happy in particular are Sportflics.  So I bought a bunch, in a few different ways.
Don Mattingly disc offer.
One thing I bought was an unopened box of 1986 Sportflics.  I only had a handful of 1986 Sportflics before, and I posted them all (all 4 cards!).  It turns out they were issued in two series and I bought a Series 1 box.  Of the 36 packs in the unopened box, I opened 6 of them.  I'll probably stop there, and keep the other 30 packs in my unopened collection.  I'll be showing those cards soon.
Don Mattingly disc offer back.
All six of the packs I opened included a Don Mattingly Disc offer, in addition to two magic motion trivia cards and 3 baseball cards.  I posted before a Dwight Gooden disc offer that I found among my things from my mom's house; that must have been from Series 2, I suppose.  Piecing things together, given that I had 4 cards and one Dwight Gooden offer, I must have opened one pack of Series 2 Sportflics back in the day, and also picked up one more card somewhere.
AL Second Basemen Tri-Stars: Tony Bernazard.
AL Second Baseman Tri-Stars card back.
I also picked up one single 1987 Sportflics card, this Tri-Stars of the AL Second Basemen.  I bought this to go with the corresponding NL Second Basemen card that I originally had.  I originally had 7 of the 1987 Sportflics, so now I have 8.  I'm not especially interested in Marty Barrett or Tony Bernazard (nothing against them), but I'm happy to have another Lou Whitaker card.

The other bunch of Sportflics I bought is the 1986 Decades Greats set.  It's an amazing set, which I'll try to do justice to in a series of posts.

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  1. I have one of those Mattingly disc offers in my collection solely because of the design. So very, very 1980s.

    1. Agree, that design is totally of its time. A little like Max Headroom.