Tuesday, November 28, 2017

1986 Sportflics in My Collection

I have exactly 4 cards from the 1986 Sportflics set; here they are!  I have a handful of 1987 Sportflics, maybe about 10 or so, and  I have many, many 1988 Sportflics, including the factory set and a bunch more.  Then I didn't have any 1989 Sportflics at all -- none -- until I picked up a couple recently (John Candelaria, George Brett, and Rickey Henderson) for my expanding player collections.  I must have bought a box of 1990 Sportflics back in the day, because I have a bunch opened and a bunch unopened.

Anyway, back to my exactly 4 1986 Sportflics, featuring a total of 6 players.  To start, we have two stars of the Mets, Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter.
Gary Carter.
Keith Hernandez.
These two cards make some sense as two to have if you only have a few cards from a 1986 set.  The Mets were terrible, but great.
Charlie Leibrandt.
Then I have this Charlie Leibrandt.  The Royals won the 1985 World Series, with Leibrandt going 0-1 in the World Series and 1-2 in the ALCS.  While he had mixed results in the postseason, he had a good regular season in 1985, going 17-9 with a 2.69 ERA, finishing 5th in the AL Cy Young voting.
Tri-Stars, picturing Steve Carlton.
Steve Carlton, Rick Sutcliffe, and Tom Seaver card back.
My fourth and final 1986 Sporflics card is this Tri-Stars card, featuring "three players with similar outstanding performances," Rick Sutcliffe, Steve Carlton, and Tom Seaver.  They all won the Cy Young award, but they're not really all in the same league.  Carlton was the only four-time Cy Young award winner at the time that he retired.  I don't really have anything against Sutcliffe, or especially Seaver.  But Carlton, being one of the pillars of the 1980 Phillies championship team, holds a special place in my childhood memories.

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