Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Collection Goals: The Whiz Kids (Update: Red Man Tobacco card)

I posted last week that, in honor of my Dad, I wanted to acquire some cards of the Whiz Kids (Robin Roberts, Richie Ashburn, and others) from the early 1950s, rather than the 1980s/1990s Pacific cards that I have, or the cards I have of Roberts after he left the Phillies.  Upon further review, I do have one card of Roberts with the Phillies -- an old Red Man tobacco card.
1952 (I think) Red Man Tobacco Robin Roberts
I have seven of these Red Man cards in my collection; I bought them from a friend in high school, whose dad had left them (and many more) to her.  They are all "without tabs," and are in slightly rough shape, with some creases here and there.  I'll post the other six sometime later.

As far as collection goals go, I suppose I'll be more specific, then.  I'd like to get Roberts, Ashburn, and some others (maybe Del Ennis, Granny Hamner, and Jim Konstanty) from the same set -- 1951 Bowman would seem most appropriate, reflecting the 1950 World Series run.  To be even more specific, I think I'll look for ones which are already PSA graded, too.

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