Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Collection Goals: The Whiz Kids

The Phillies winning the 1980 World Series forms the basis of some of my earliest memories.  I would have been four years old at the time, just a few days short of turning five.  The main thing I remember is how excited everyone was.  My Dad was 30 years older than me, which would put him at an age where he might have had very early memories of the Phillies losing the 1950 World Series.  Those Phillies were the Whiz Kids, and the two Hall-of-Famers from the team were Robin Roberts and Richie Ashburn.

Some 1980s (or maybe 1990s) Pacific cards of Roberts and Ashburn.
I have set the following as a collection goal, then, in honor of Dad, who died almost five years ago now: get some cards from the early 1950s of the Whiz Kids.  All I have are much later issues -- I have a few of Roberts from the 1960s, after he left the Phillies, and I have some Pacific cards, like those pictured here.  I think 1951 Bowman would be most appropriate, since that should reflect the team that actually went to the World Series.  I'll hope to get Roberts, Ashburn, and a few others that I've heard of.

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