Thursday, September 27, 2018

My Unopened Collection, Part 3

Here we are, with Part 3 of my unopened collection.  This covers everything originally in my collection and purchases from the past year.  There is a Part 4 coming in the next few days, once I receive the stuff I recently ordered.
1989 Topps Big packs: 5 from Series 1, 3 from Series 2.
1990 Topps Big packs: 2 from series 1, 10 from Series 2.
Topps Big.  I loved Topps Big when it came out, and I have a bunch from 1988, 1989, and 1990 that I did open.  To remind you, I've said that we moved houses at the end of 1988, and that meant leaving behind my card collecting friends.  Topps Big is a perfect example of something I thought was cool and fun and would have liked to show those old friends and trade with them.  But instead, I bought these, looked at them, and just put them away.
8 packs of 1988 Donruss All-Stars/Pop-Ups.
4 packs of 1989 Donruss All-Stars/Pop-Ups.
I've shown extensively my 1986 Donruss All-Stars (the complete set), and I've posted before on the other oversized Donruss All-Stars that I have.  For 1988 and 1989, they went to regular-sized cards, and I bought them, too.  I opened a few and left some intact, and here we have my 8 packs from 1988 and 4 packs from 1989.
2 packs of 1992 McDonald's cards.
I posted these two packs of 1992 McDonald's cards once before.  I had friends who worked at a local McDonald's.  They gave me free food sometimes.  They couldn't get me free cards, though -- the manager kept them locked in the safe, since baseball cards were so valuable back then.  I came by these honestly, however you got the cards -- buy a value meal and you get some cards, or something like that.
24 packs of 1990 Sportflics.
I bought a box of 1990 Sportflics, and I guess I opened 12 packs and left these 24 unopened.
1 each of 1988 and 1989 Fleer wax packs.
2 1990 Upper Deck and 1 1992 Upper Deck foil packs.
Now we have a few base set packs.  I showed in Part 1 that I have an entire 1988 Fleer wax box.  I guess I have one additional 1988 Fleer wax pack, and one 1989 Fleer wax pack for good measure.  The 1989 is marked at 75 cents, which seems a bit expensive.  It must have had a premium attached, perhaps because of the possibility of a Billy Ripken.  I've said many times that I wasn't into Upper Deck, and I really have many fewer Upper Deck cards than the other main issuers.  I don't have nothing, though, and thus I have these three unopened Upper Deck packs.
1 1988 Score mylar pack, 1 1989 Score mylar pack, and 2 1990 Score mylar packs.
I really liked Score when they first came out.  I guess that's why I saved a couple packs, one from 1988, one from 1989, and two from 1990.  People paid attention to the material the packs were made out of, and these were called mylar packs as opposed to wax, cello, or foil.
2 1988 Donruss wax packs, 4 1990 Donruss wax packs, and 1 1991 Donruss Series 1 wax pack.
A handful of Donruss wax packs, two from 1988, four from 1990, and 1 from 1991 (series 1).  Not sure that's there's anything else to say about them.
2 packs of 1992 Donruss and 2 packs of 1991 Stadium Club.
2 packs of 1991 Fleer Ultra and 1 pack of 1992 Donruss Triple Play.
Then we have two packs of 1992 Donruss, when they went a bit upscale, two packs of 1991 Stadium Club, 2 packs of 1991 Fleer Ultra, and 1 pack of 1992 Donruss Triple Play.  The 1992 Donruss, the Stadium Club, and the Fleer Ultra have price tags on them: 50 cents for the Donruss, 75 cents for the Ultra, and $3 for the Stadium Club.  That $3 price tag illustrates why I never bought much Stadium Club or even Upper Deck.  Also, you really see here the incredible proliferation of sets by even 1991.  It was way too much to keep track of.  I never understood the point of Triple Play, except for the idea that if you make yet another set then someone will buy it.  I bought just a few packs. 

As a final note, I'll say that I love the Kodak logo on the Stadium Club pack.  Kodak today barely still exists and seems to be staking its future on cryptocurrency, but back then it meant something.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Those old Stadium Club cards stick together probably worth more in a pack than individually..

    1. That's funny. Among the last cards I ever bought in the 90s must have been a box of 1994 Score. When I went through the collection last year, they were all stuck together, too.