Saturday, October 6, 2018

Three 1991 Post Cereal Cards

I have a bunch of old Post cards.  Not so old, though -- I only got any 1960's Post in the past year.  The ones I'm talking about now, I pulled from cereal boxes in the 1990s.  I'll make a few quick posts of these to show what I have, starting with these, my 1991's. I think these came in 3-card packs, and I have 3 cards, so I must have gotten one pack.  I'm not sure that we bought many Post cereals back then; I remember a lot of Kellogg's and General Mills, instead.  I sure don't think these cards had anything to do with Fleer, but the 1991 Fleer were even more yellow than these; maybe yellow ink was on special that year.
Rickey Henderson.
I chose to start with this batch since I have one of my favorite players, Rickey Henderson.  Rickey was back with the A's by this point, having returned to help establish that near-dynasty.  Three straight pennants is good, but of course there was only one win in the World Series.  He soon moved on to help Toronto repeat as champions.  It's an unpopular opinion, but I've always been a fan of runs scored as a statistic.  Scoring runs seems to me to be helpful to your team.  Rickey was the greatest ever at scoring runs.
Cal Ripken, Jr.
Some of these airbrushed caps and logos do a better of job of hiding that they're airbrushed.  The Rickey Henderson above looked ok, with the green and yellow clearly indicating that he's on the A's.  This Cal Ripken, Jr. is terrible -- it looks like he's fielding some balls in his undershirt.  Cal was a huge deal back then; everyone was talking about the Iron Man record, which he broke in 1995.
Vince Coleman.
I liked Vince Coleman well enough back in the day.  He was the NL's answer to Rickey Henderson, not as great, but certainly a formidable baserunner.  I didn't know back then about the incident where he threw a lit firecracker at some kids at Dodger Stadium.  Wikipedia tells me that Coleman was the last player to steal 100 bases in a season.

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