Saturday, December 22, 2018

My 1987 Sportflics

I posted once before all of the 1986 Sportflics in my collection, which at the time was 4 cards.  I thought I'd post all my 1987 Sportflics as well, which is 7 cards.  They came in packs of three, so I probably bought two packs plus separately I probably bought the Eric Davis card below, since he was a big star.  That's my best guess as to why I don't have a multiple of three.
Johnny Ray, Bill Doran, Ryne Sandberg: Tri-Stars NL Second Basemen.
One of the 1986 cards was a Tri-Stars, in which three players from a particular position are featured.  And here we have the 1987 NL Second Basemen Tri-Stars card, featuring Ryne Sandberg, Bill Doran, and Bucco Johnny Ray.  I don't really remember Bill Doran; he played in the majors from 1982 through 1993, and was the starting second baseman for several years for Houston, including for their division-winning 1986 team.  Johnny Ray is familiar of course to Pirates fans like me, and Ryne Sandberg needs no introduction.
Dennis Rasmussen.
Mike Pagliarulo.
Then we have a couple of Yankees, Dennis Rasumussen and Mike Pagliarulo ("Pags," as he was known).  Pags ended up being the starting third baseman for the 1991 champion Twins.
Johnny Ray.
Lou Whitaker.
Here we have two All-Star second basemen, an individual card for Johnny Ray, and also Lou Whitaker of the Tigers.  Whitaker was featured on the AL Second Baseman Tri-Stars, which I don't have, along with Marty Barrett and Tony Bernazard.  I hope Whitaker will make the Hall the next time he's considered.  That's what I always say when I post a Whitaker card, I think.

Don Slaught.
Eric Davis.
Finally, we have catcher Don Slaught, and the aforementioned Eric Davis card.  Slaught spent several years with the Bucs in the 1990s, I guess as the backup catcher behind Mike LaValliere.  Eric Davis had a good year in 1987, making the All-Star team and winning a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger.

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  1. Oh man, those Sportflics cards bring back some good memories.