Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Coming attractions: I love the 70's

About a week and a half ago, I made a short post saying that I would be posting a bunch of Sportflics soon.  And having posted that helps me to remember to work through the Sportflics I wanted to post, which I have now started.  In that same spirit, here's a brief post about a bunch of 70's awesomeness that I'll be posting soon.
John Candelaria.
Willie Stargell.
Pete Rose t-shirt offer.
I've said that I'm winding down my collecting, and that remains true.  I'm down to fewer than 40 cards for my 1972 Topps set, and then I don't plan to get much more than the 1955 Bowman set that I'm working on.  But earlier this year I splurged on a box of 70's goodness from COMC, buying more than 100 various Hostess and Kellogg's cards and MSA discs.  Technically a few of the Kellogg's cards are from the 80's, but still.  Pictured above are the only unpunched Pepsi discs that I bought, featuring two important Buccos of the 70's, John Candelaria and Willie Stargell.  In a dozen or so posts coming up, I plan to show all of this great stuff.

I've actually already been posting some other 70's stuff I got as part of the effort, but which are not Kellogg's, Hostess, or MSA.  The items and posts which you could say were surreptitiously part of this series are: 13 1977 Topps cards11 1977 Topps cards, some 1977 Padres schedule cards, the 1978 Topps Phillies team set, cards of Danny Murtaugh, Bob Boone, Hank Aaron, and Reggie Smith, and a 1976 Topps Dick Allen card.  Of course there's other 70's stuff that I post, but I don't think it was all consciously in this vein.

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  1. Those are cool. I haven't seen them before, although I feel I've seen the Pete Rose T-shirt offer before...

  2. Now those are fantastic. Even though I was a kid then, I still don't know how those were sold.

    1. I don't know, either, but my best guess is that maybe they tucked them into cases of glass return bottles.

  3. I'm not a soda drinker, but if these things were produced today I might be tempted to buy a case. Oh, and then order a t-shirt!