Friday, November 15, 2019

Some vintage odds and ends

As I said the other day, I've acquired a bunch of cards in the past year+ which I put away, including in my main binder, and didn't get around to blogging.  Now I'm mining those for blog content, and today we have an assortment of five vintage cards, starting with three from 1974.
Danny Murtaugh and company.
Bob Boone.
I'm not the greatest at scanning and a bunch of my scans of cards come out crooked.  But this Bob Boone at least is actually crooked on the card.  The Danny Murtaugh might be a little crooked too, but not as bad as the Boone.  It's great to have Danny Murtaugh in my binder; this is actually my second of him, as I posted earlier a 1959 card.  Since he led the Buccos to two World Series wins, it seems fair to have him in the binder twice.  And it's another Mazeroski card, to boot.

I already had a bunch of Bob Boone cards, with him having been on the classic 1980 Phillies team which forms a number of my earliest memories.  But I had few of him early in his career, and this 1974 is just his second card.  I'll add about that 1980 Phillies team, it's really amazing the talent they had among the position players: Mike Schmidt and Pete Rose were all-time greats, and the 18 All-Star appearances, 20 Gold Gloves, and other awards and titles collectively racked up by Bob Boone, Larry Bowa, Greg Luzinski, Garry Maddox, Bake McBride, and Manny Trillo is very impressive.
All-Time Home Run King Hank Aaron.
I feel a little bad classifying this Hank Aaron card among "odds and ends."  But it fits better here than among the other posts I'm planning, since it goes with the other two 1974 cards I'm showing above.  Of the six Aaron cards that start out the 1974 set, I already had two from my original period of collecting.  But this one is new to me, and it goes great in the binder with the others.
1966 Topps Bert Campaneris.
1976 Topps Reggie Smith.
Then we have a 1966 Bert Campaneris and a 1976 Reggie Smith.  Bert Campaneris is in my binder on my ''teams that no longer are'' page, representing the Kansas City Athletics.  He goes next to my Philadelphia Athletics and Houston Colt .45s cards that I showed recently.  There's also a Seattle Pilot, and a space which is waiting for a St. Louis Brown.  And this Reggie Smith card isn't for my binder, but will just go in my box of old Topps cards.  But he's the kind of just-sub-Hall-of-Fame player that I love, with his 2000+ hits, 300+ home runs, and 7 All-Star appearances, so I wanted to have at least one good card of him.

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