Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Some 1977 Padres Schedule Cards

I found these Padres schedule cards on COMC; I'm not sure how I came across them exactly, but I was looking generally for lots of 70s goodness.  And these sure qualify.
Dave Winfield schedule card.
Dave Winfield back.
I don't try to get complete sets of odd things I stumble across but instead am mainly happy to have the set represented in my collection.  So I chose three Padres to get schedule cards of, starting with Dave Winfield.  There are a number of variations, with three different kinds of backs, and several different photos of Dave Winfield available.  I chose this photo of Winfield, and all the backs (of the three I have) are the same.
Gene Richards schedule card.
George Hendrick schedule card.
For the other two I chose Gene Richards and George Hendrick.  I've said before that Hendrick only came to my attention recently when Night Owl published a long post on him.  For some reason I remember Gene Richards' 1981 Fleer card clearly, and he also shares a 4-player rookie card in 1977 Topps with Andre Dawson. 

I said at the top that I was looking for a bunch of 70s stuff when I got these, and I have a box full that I haven't posted yet.  I'll work on that.  Thanks for reading!


  1. These might be the most '70s things ever made and I've always loved them for it, but because they're Padres they don't really fit in my collection.

  2. Hard to beat the coolness factor of Dave Winfield as a Padre.

  3. I recently found a bunch of these autographed on eBay. I picked up non-autographed versions of some of the lesser known players awhile back, such as Vic Bernal, Dave Wehrmeister and Mike Champion. Nice photography.