Thursday, October 17, 2019

1986, 1987, and 1988 Jiffy Pop Disc Sets

It's been a bit under two months since my last post.  In the baseball world, in that time, the pennant and wild card races were resolved, the NLDS, ALDS, and NLCS were completed.  As a Pirates fan, this season was totally demoralizing.  I would consider following the Orioles instead, but they're even worse.  For some reason I've never quite been able to manage being a real Phillies fan despite living in the area, but I think even if I was I'd be disappointed with them, too.  So baseball hasn't been too rewarding lately.  In the realm of real life, the school year started, and I'm teaching two classes as well as keeping up with my research and administrative responsibilities.  And I've been doing more than the usual amount of childcare since my wife has a tough semester.  Put all of this together and I haven't even had much time to think of the blog.  But through some confluence of events, tonight I can make this blog post.
1986 Jiffy Pop Don Mattingly and Reggie Jackson.
So a couple of months ago, around the time I last posted, I picked up the three 1980s Jiffy Pop disc sets from eBay.  I'll focus on a few cards, and for 1986 I'm highlighting Don Mattingly and Reggie Jackson.  I've said before that it's a rule that all such sets had to have a Mattingly.  That holds true in 1986 and 1987, but the 1988 Jiffy Pop set excludes him.  This is also a nice end-of-career Reggie.
1987 Jiffy Pop Mike Schmidt and Don Mattingly.
Here we have the local hero Mike Schmidt.  I have a bunch of cards of him that are extremely similar to this, since he was also a mainstay of special sets of the 1980s.  And it looks like they weren't too creative with the Mattingly, as it seems to be the same photo, just cropped a little differently.
1988 Jiffy Pop Andre Dawson and Ozzie Virgil.
Somehow Mattingly wasn't in the 1988 set, and I suppose that made room for Ozzie Virgil.  Andre Dawson was a natural selection, though, having just won the 1987 NL MVP award.  This light blue design is similar to the 1988 Chef Boyardee set I posted a while ago.
1986 and 1987 Jiffy Pop Lance Parrish.
Just to show a few more of the discs, here are a couple of Lance Parrish.  I've posted a bunch of Lance Parrish cards over the couple years I've been blogging.  This is rooted in the time the Phillies thought he would be their next great catcher, but that dream didn't last. 
The other 52 of the 1986, 1987, and 1988 Jiffy Pop sets.
Finally, here are all the rest of the discs.

Like I said when I bought a few 44-card Fleer boxed sets from the 80s a couple of months ago, I've come to realize that I still enjoy buying junk-era products like this, even if they feature all the same players as the other sets like this.  There aren't a ton more things like this that I don't already have, though, so I probably won't be getting many more.

Thanks for reading!