Wednesday, November 20, 2019

4 More 1980 Burger King Pitch-Hit-Run Cards

I've posted Burger King cards a number of times.  Having the 1980 Burger King Phillies cards around my house was a formative experience, especially given the excitement of their World Series win that year.  Lots of cards and lots of winning make a big impression on a four-year-old.
Vida Blue
Bobby Bonds
I originally had a few of the other 1980 Burger King cards, which I love for the Burger King logo on the front.  The ones I originally had were Davey Lopes, Jim Palmer, and George Foster.  Then I decided to get a few more at some point, and picked up two favorites, Omar Moreno of the 1979 champion Pirates, and one of my all-time favorites Don Baylor.  I know I also picked up a Dave Parker for my player collection, which it looks like I never posted.  I considered getting the whole set but there are a bunch of players that I don't especially have an interest in (no offense Bill North, Jerry Koosman, or Frank Taveras).  So I wanted to get just a couple more, and here we have Vida Blue and Bobby Bonds.
Willie Wilson
Enos Cabell.
The other two I picked up feature prominently in that 1980 Phillies World Series win, on the other side.  The Phillies defeated the Royals in the World Series and the Astros in the NLCS.  Both of those teams had a ton of talent, and Wilson and Cabell were a big part of that.

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  1. Bought this set when it was new. Always liked it...lots of stats, but with a third of the set devoted to "run", quirky choices like Cabell and Frank Tavares, too.

    The Burger King Phillies are actually the only Topps baseball cards from 1980 that I don't have. (Ah, the days where getting all the Topps product for a year was a conceivable goal!)