Thursday, August 31, 2017

Unopened in My Collection: 1989 Topps DoubleHeaders

Maybe I had bad taste -- I really liked these 1989 Topps DoubleHeaders, back in the day.  Each one is a plastic stand which contains a player's "rookie & 1989 card -- back to back."  But they're not really cards at all.  Inside the plastic stand is a thin sheet of paper which has an image of the front of the rookie card on one side, and the front of the 1989 card on the other side.

A full box of 24 unopened DoubleHeaders, plus two more.

The backs of the two loose DoubleHeaders, showing checklists.
I have a full box of these unopened (containing 24), and two more, for a total of 26.  I know I had a bunch of them that I did open, and which I displayed on my bookcase.  Either I (or maybe my mom!) must have thrown them out at some point.  Like I said, they're not really baseball cards, so I am fine with having lost the ones I opened.

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