Friday, September 8, 2017

Unopened in My Collection: Tom Terrific

Unopened pack of Pacific Tom Seaver cards.

Having just recently re-engaged with my collection, I've had the opportunity to rediscover some things I had forgotten. I really have no memory of this single unopened pack, wrapped in very crinkled foil, of Pacific cards featuring Tom Seaver. It's strange that I don't have any of these cards (opened) in my collection -- in organizing my collection for storage, I've looked at everything, especially at the oddballs. I do have some Pacific Nolan Ryan cards (didn't remember them either, but it seems to be a few packs that I opened), but none of these Tom Seaver cards. It's also odd in my collection to have just one unopened pack of something; usually I would buy a handful, and open some. I appear to have bought a single pack of this and not wanted to see what they were like. Like everything from the era, these haven't aged well, price-wise -- you can get a complete set of the 110 cards of the Tom Terrific Pacific set on ebay for $3.99 (plus shipping)

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