Wednesday, October 11, 2017

From My Collection: Robin Roberts post-Phillies

Robin Roberts is important to me since he was a favorite of my dad growing up.  I've posted two Robin Roberts cards before, which I'll repeat here:
Red Man Tobacco Robin Roberts card (without tab).
Pacific Robin Roberts card.
I have a few more nostalgia cards of Roberts, including more by Pacific and also Baseball Immortals, and maybe others.  But, I have two more regular Topps cards of him as well.  Unfortunately, these are not with the Phillies.
1962 Topps Robin Roberts.
This 1962 Topps card of Roberts says that he's with the Yankees, and he isn't wearing a hat.  You can tell, though, that the pinstripes are red.  So, he's kind of still with the Phils in this one.  He never even actually appeared for the Yankees during the regular season; he played with them in spring training, and was released in May.
1963 Topps Robin Roberts.
He then went to the Orioles.  There, he played three and a half seasons, going 42-36 with a 3.09 ERA, and mentored Jim Palmer; not bad for someone at the end of his career.  After Baltimore, he briefly played with Houston and Chicago.  Roberts was one of the great pitchers of the 1950s, and made the Hall of Fame on the 4th ballot in 1976.  I've said before that to commemorate the Whiz Kids in my collection, I'll be looking to add his 1951 Bowman card, and some of his teammates.  It will be good to have another regular card of him with the Phillies, in addition to the Red Man card above.

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