Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My first trade in 25+ years

After I posted about developing a George Foster player collection, GCA (Greg) from The Collective Mind offered to trade me a few Fosters.  I wasn't optimistic that I would have much to offer, since my collection has been frozen in time at 1994, when I stopped collecting (both because I was in college and there was the strike).  It turns out I did have four cards from his wantlist, and we made a deal.  After a few days I received a 1971 Topps George Foster rookie, a Kellogg's card, and the first card in my collection manufactured after 1994.

1971 Topps George Foster rookie card.
In the expanded player collections I'm developing, I mostly am not looking for base set cards.  There are exceptions, though, if I especially like a card, or in this case, because it's Foster's rookie card.
George Foster on a Kellogg's card.
This is the 1983 Kellogg's card, after the trade to the Mets.  I've always liked Kellogg's cards; until recently, I only had a handful.  I think they were harder to come by in the pre-internet days.  I'll make a post about the ones originally in my collection soon.
George Foster on a Topps Tribute
This 2003 Topps Tribute card commemorates George Foster's first World Series appearance.  He didn't win that year, with 1972 being the first of three straight wins by the A's.  But a few years later he'd win two in a row.  It has always struck me how the 1970s was a decade of dynasties.

So, thanks, Greg, I'm really happy to have these cards in my collection, and it's nice to be back in the hobby and to have made a trade again.

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