Monday, October 23, 2017

Recent Acquisition: Reggie Jackson with the A's

I talk a lot on this blog about Mike Schmidt; we lived just outside Philly, about 30 minutes from Veterans Stadium, and he was the local hero.  I was born in 1975, and from the time I have any memories of baseball, around 1980, Schmidt still had several good years left in him.  While Schmidt garnered most of the attention locally, there were other great sluggers of the day; I have some Reggie Jackson cards in my collection, but not enough, I would say.
1972 Topps AL Home Run Leaders; not a recent acquisition.
The only card I've had of him in his original run with the A's is this 1972 Topps AL Home Run Leaders card.  He finished tied for second in 1971 with Norm Cash with 32 homers, behind Bill Melton who had 33.  I don't think I've even heard of Melton otherwise.  While this is a nice card -- I am fond of the 1972 design when it works, and I think it works here -- it's a poor representation of Jackson's early greatness for my collection.
1979 and 1981 Topps Reggie Jackson cards; not recent acquisitions.
The first good card I have of Reggie Jackson is his 1979 Topps card; he's already halfway through his career, and this is after he has won all of his five World Series.  My 1981 Topps is slightly beat up, indicating that I've probably owned it since 1981 when I was a little kid.
1983 Fleer and 1984 Topps Reggie Jackson cards; not recent acquisitions.
I have a variety of cards of him with the Angels, like this 1983 Fleer and 1984 Topps card.  The Angels had amassed some good talent, even if some were slightly past their prime; it's no wonder they won the division in 1986.
A Score tribute card and an Upper Deck tribute card; not recent acquisitions.
Then, at the very end, Score and Upper Deck both produced tribute series.  I have very many 1988 Score cards, so I have all 5 of the Reggie Jackson cards.  I hardly have any Upper Deck cards, though, so this is the only one of that series I have.  This Score card also helps represent Jackson's original run with the A's in my collection, but it really isn't very satisfying in that regard.
Recently acquired 1973 Topps Reggie Jackson, graded PSA 7.
So, in recently writing out my wantlist, I added "Reggie Jackson with the A's, from the 60s or 70s."  I left it a little vague as to whether I only wanted one card or not.  I also have given myself a monthly budget with regards to acquiring new cards, and can't just get everything at once.  So, I recently picked up a less expensive card of Jackson which meets my criteria: this 1973 Topps with a grade of PSA 7.  I like the card, although I have to say in my opinion it doesn't look much like Jackson.  I guess that's partially because he's so young and partially because of the in-action nature of it.  I've decided more definitely what I want for my wantlist, and in addition to this, I'll be looking to add his 1969 Topps rookie card and his 1970 Topps, also both in PSA slabs, graded 6.5 or better.

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