Monday, November 13, 2017

Casey Stengel in My Collection

I have one good card of Casey Stengel; it's one of seven Red Man Tobacco cards I bought from a friend in high school.  I've shown my similar Robin Roberts and Yogi Berra cards before.
1953 Red Man Tobacco Casey Stengel.
My dad was a child in the 50s, and while he was no Yankees fan, the Yankees were of course the great players of the day, and Stengel was their legendary manager.  Stengel was a 9-time World Series champion, twice with the New York Giants as a player, and seven times as manager of the Yankees.  As of the writing of the card pictured here, "he has managed the New York Yankees for four years, and they have been World Champions four straight years."  They made it five straight, then he picked up a few more later on.
Baseball Immortals.
Other than the Red Man card, I only have Stengel on a number of nostalgia cards.  When I was a cub scout, we had a fundraiser every year.  My dad took the sample kit to his office, and people bought stuff.  I didn't have to do much work.  I was only a scout for a couple of years, but one year in the fundraiser I sold the most stuff (i.e., my dad sold the most stuff), and I got a gift certificate to Mitchell's, a local department store.  They had a baseball card counter, and I don't know everything that I bought, but I got a Baseball Immortals set, and the red and yellow Superstar sets.  The Stengel cards from them are above.  (Superstar is a rather repetitive set, so it's possible there's more than one Stengel, but here's one of them, at least.  I don't actually have the complete sets of either of these anymore, but I have a number of cards still.)
Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes.
Pacific Baseball Legends.
I don't have many of these Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes, but I do have a Stengel from the set.  This Pacific Baseball Legends card shows Stengel as manager of the Mets; he guided them through their terrible first years, including their legendarily awful first year, when they went 40-120.  I have many of these Pacific cards, since they sold them in wax packs at a gas station near Dad's office.


  1. Beautiful Red Man card! I've run across that card a couple of times at shows, but never at a price that would fit in my budget. (translation: I'm jealous!)

    1. Thanks! I was lucky to pick up my Red Man cards when I did.