Friday, November 3, 2017

Recent Acquisitions for my Player Collections: Baines and Henderson

I previously featured my October purchases for my player collections of Tony Pena, Mike Schmidt, Willie Stargell, and George Foster.   Here are the October additions to my Harold Baines and Rickey Henderson collections -- two cards of each.
1983 Kellogg's Harold Baines.
I really love Kellogg's cards.  I had a handful in my collection from my original period of collecting, 1987-1994, but they weren't that easy to come across.  The ease of picking them up now is great.  This 1983 card of Harold Baines comes after his first really strong season, hitting 105 RBI and 25 HR while playing in 161 games in 1982.
1991 Mother's Cookies Harold Baines.
I like these Mother's Cookies cards; I posted before a couple of John Candelaria Mother's Cookies cards I picked up last month. These three are the first cards I've got from them.  The photo-centric design is nice, and I like the rounded corners.
1984 Ralston-Purina Rickey Henderson.
I had a couple Ralston-Purina cards originally, but I didn't know anything about the set.  I assumed they came in bags of Ralston-Purina dog food, or something like that.  It turns out they made cereal, too.  My family must have mostly bought Kellogg's and Post cereals, because I did get some Kellogg's and some Post cards out of cereal boxes myself, but not any from Ralston-Purina.  In any case, I now have this (off-center) Rickey Henderson, from his original run with the A's.
1992 Canadian Diet Pepsi Rickey Henderson card.
I never knew Pepsi products, including Diet Pepsi, to give away baseball cards.  It looks like there exists a Canadian Diet Pepsi set from 1992, and now I have this Rickey Henderson from the set.  I think this really isn't a very attractive card, and the lack of logos doesn't help.  But, I actually do love Diet Pepsi, and I had to have this card.
1992 Canadian Diet Pepsi Rickey Henderson card back.
I like the back of the card a little better.  The lack of logos still holds it back, but the full-color picture is nice.  Still, the blocky design of both front and back are pretty simplistic.

I'll have one more post coming up with the rest of this month's additions to my player collections.  I didn't add any to my George Brett or Eddie Murray collections this month, so the last post will feature Manny Sanguillen, Dave Parker, and John Candelaria.

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