Monday, November 6, 2017

Recent Acquisitions for my Player Collections: Sanguillen, Parker, Candelaria

I've been showing some of my recent acquisitions for my player collections lately, and today we have three teammates from the 1979 Pirates team, Manny Sanguillen, Dave Parker, and John Candelaria.  I've already covered recently my latest purchases for my other player collections, of Tony Pena, Mike Schmidt, Willie Stargell, George Foster, Harold Baines, and Rickey Henderson.  My Eddie Murray and George Brett collections didn't increase last month.

One of my goals is to collect a 1972 Topps Pirates team set to commemorate the 1971 Pirates championship team.  So, I bought a 1972 Topps Manny Sanguillen for that purpose.  I also want that card in my Sanguillen player collection, but rather than duplicating, I bought the O-Pee-Chee for the player collection.
1972 O-Pee-Chee Manny Sanguillen.
1972 O-Pee-Chee Manny Sanguillen card back.
The back of the card points out that Bing Crosby was involved with the Pirates organization.  The story I've heard is that Crosby is responsible for the continued existence of film of the final game of the 1960 World Series.  The story is that he was traveling and couldn't see it in person, so he asked the TV people to keep a copy for him.  It was discovered in his home years later, and is available today.
1971 Topps NL Batting Leaders.
1976 Topps NL Batting Leaders.
Sanguillen was a good hitter, finishing third in the batting race in 1970 and again in 1975.  I had never heard of Rico Carty before seeing this card, so I looked him up.  Carty played 1963-1979 with many teams, hitting over .300 many times and finishing with a lifetime .299 average.
1972 Topps card of Game 3 of the 1971 World Series.
I also picked up this 1971 World Series Game 3 card from the 1972 Topps set, again as part of commemorating the Pirates victory.  Sanguillen wore number 35, so that's him sliding into home.  The Pirates won Game 3 by a score of 5-1, with Sanguillen going 2-for-4 with 1 run scored.
1990 Ames All Stars Dave Parker.
This is, so far, the only card I've picked up recently to add to my Dave Parker collection.  It's not a great card, I think -- just a hat-less headshot.  I was interested in picking it up because, of all the boxed sets I have, I don't have any from Ames.  Before it went out of business, Ames was a store we sometimes shopped at.  I remembered Parker with the Pirates, Reds, and A's, but I didn't remember that he left the A's for the Brewers, while the A's were still doing well -- he wasn't with the A's for their 1990 pennant.  He later went to the Angels and briefly to the Blue Jays before retiring.
1991 Topps Tiffany John Candelaria.
1990 Leaf John Candelaria.
The final two cards I picked up recently for my player collection are two more of John Candelaria.  I posted a couple of times about him recently, when I picked up a number of cards representing his time with the Pirates, Angels, Yankees, Mets, Expos, and Dodgers.  The only two teams he played with that I hadn't represented in my binder yet were the Blue Jays and the Twins.  He was only with them briefly, so there weren't many cards to choose from.  I chose the Topps Tiffany of his time with the Blue Jays since I didn't have any Tiffany cards in my collection before; similarly, I hardly have any Leaf cards (I didn't buy most of the premium sets that came out like Leaf, Stadium Club, or even Upper Deck at the time because they were so expensive).  It's entirely likely that I already had cards of him with these teams (at least with the Blue Jays) somewhere in my collection, but I wasn't about to dig through all my 1990-1991 cards just to find some, when these can be had so cheaply.

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