Saturday, December 9, 2017

Oversized in My Collection: 1990 Topps Heads Up!

1990 Topps Heads Up! unopened pack.
I've mentioned that I sometimes bought a few packs of a new issue, especially a novelty, and got bored while opening them; then, I would keep the remaining ones unopened.  It looks like back in the day (in 1990, presumably), I bought three packs of Topps Heads Up! to check it out.  I opened two, and left the one pictured above unopened.  Each pack contains one "pin-up," as the package says.  It has a suction cup, and also an adhesive, I think, on the back, so that you can have your favorite player's floating head on your locker (as pictured), bedroom wall, or wherever.

I regretted buying these pretty quickly.  The two I opened turned out to be Craig Biggio and Bo Jackson.
Craig Biggio's head.
Bo Jackson's head.
Not sure what else there is to say about these.  I didn't pay much attention to Biggio at the time, since I didn't follow the Astros very closely.  I think you couldn't help but pay some attention to Bo Jackson back then, but then he barely played after 1990.

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