Monday, December 4, 2017

Recent Acquisitions: Wade Boggs and Tony Gwynn Rookie Cards

Since I've rejoined the collecting world, I've taken advantage of the crash of the baseball card market to acquire some cards I had always wanted in the 80s, but which seemed out of reach.  Looking up the 1983 Topps Wade Boggs and Tony Gwynn rookie cards in one of my old price guides, I see that around 1990, they were going $25-$35 each.  I remember them as being more expensive than that, but even if I could have afforded that, it would have taken resources away from other acquisitions.  I mean, for $35, I could have bought a whole wax box and a bunch of non-rookie cards of stars from the 70s.  But, these days I was able to pick up this Boggs on eBay for about $5 and this Gwynn on COMC for about $6.
1983 Topps Wade Boggs.
They're both a bit off center, but I don't care.  They're in my binder now not only because they're rookie cards of two great players, and not only because I like the 1983 design, but because owning these cards were childhood aspirations.  Cards from my childhood aren't necessarily perfect, and that these are off center still puts them in better shape than a number of my other cards from back in the day.
1983 Topps Tony Gwynn.
I was shocked when Tony Gwynn died.  He was young, at only 54.  The whole time I was following baseball in the 80s and 90s, he was the NL's dominant hitter (for average, if not for power).

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