Wednesday, March 28, 2018

1990 Topps Minis #6: Jody Reed

Since it's Wednesday, we're taking a look at the next card in the 1990 Topps Mini League Leaders set; this time we're at #6, Jody Reed of the Boston Red Sox.
Jody Reed.
I don't think I remember Jody Reed.  He played with the Red Sox 1987-1992; I probably don't remember him because he was in the AL, and while the Red Sox did make the playoffs a couple of those years, they didn't make the World Series.  Reed then was with the Dodgers for 1993, the Brewers in 1994, the Padres in 1995 and 1996, and with the Tigers in 1997 before retiring.
Jody Reed card back.
Reed placed third in the AL in doubles with 42 in 1989, earning his way into this league leaders set.  He did even better in 1990, tying George Brett for the AL lead in doubles with 45, and placing 10th in the AL in hits with 173.  He had another good year in 1991, placing fourth in the AL in doubles again with 42, and making 175 hits.

We've covered Baltimore and Boston so far; next Monday, we move on to the California Angels, with Bert Blyleven on card #7.

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