Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sets Not in My Collection: Cramer Baseball Legends

Among the many cards I don't think I ever bought on purpose, I have these two "Baseball Legends," by Cramer Sports Promotions.  The Trading Card Database has them listed as appearing in series of 30 cards each for several years, starting in 1980.  These two are from the fourth, or 1983 series.
Al Simmons.
Al Simmons card back.
Hall-of-Famer Al Simmons (born Alois Szymanski) played with the A's, White Sox, Tigers, Senators, Braves, Reds, A's again, Red Sox, and A's again between 1924 and 1944.  He was an outfielder who won two World Series with Connie Mack's Philadelphia Athletics, in 1929 and 1930.  He was the AL batting leader in 1930 and 1931, with averages of .381 and .390, respectively.  He led the AL in RBI in 1929 with 157, but had a career best 165 RBI the next year in 1930.  He ended his career with 307 home runs, 1828 RBI, 2927 hits, and a .334 batting average; his RBI total is currently 20th on the all-time list.  Despite these stellar numbers, it wasn't until the 7th ballot that Simmons was elected to the Hall, in 1953.  Baseball Reference rates him as similar to other batters such as Roberto Clemente, Rogers Hornsby, George Brett, Dave Parker, Vladimir Guerrero, and Joe DiMaggio.
Fred Lindstrom.
Fred Lindstrom card back.
Hall-of-Famer Fred Lindstrom played with the Giants, Pirates, Cubs, and Dodgers from 1924-1936, so a relatively short career.  If you google "worst baseball hall-of-famers," there are a variety of articles or slideshows you might find, and Lindstrom appears to be on all of them.  On the writers' ballot, he never reached even 5% of the vote, but he was selected for the Hall by the Veterans Committee in 1976.  He has none of the standard markers of a Hall-of-Fame player, such as All-Star games, World Series wins, MVP awards, or batting titles.  The best you can say is that in 1928, he led the NL in hits with 231, and came in second in MVP voting.  The writeup on the back of the card doesn't have much to say, either.


  1. I have a couple of cards from this set. I've always liked the design. Thanks for reminding me of it. I may have to track down all of the Cubs.

    1. I may pick up a couple more now, too, of some of the older Phillies and Pirates, like Chuck Klein and Honus Wagner.