Friday, April 20, 2018

One odd card + blog note

My posting has become infrequent; this started when I was sick for a couple of weeks, but now that I'm feeling much better, I haven't picked the pace back up.  That's in part just because I've lost momentum, but is also because I'm facing an intensely busy time at work for the next 3 months.  Until mid-July, I will be trying to push out as much work as I can, hosting any number of visitors, and traveling a fair bit myself.  So, I think posts will happen when they happen for the time being.  I actually thought about putting the blog on hiatus, but I think I can still get a post out here and there inbetween other obligations.

So, on to something about cards.  The following card is one of the oddest I have, I think.
Sports Cards: Tom Glavine.
The card is from 1991, which also happens to be the year Tom Glavine won his first of two Cy Young awards.  He had three straight 20-win seasons starting in 1991, going 20-11, then 20-8 in 1992, and 22-6 in 1993.   This was of course all part of the Braves gearing up to win the 1995 World Series, of which Glavine was the MVP.

I'm not sure why you would put "SPORTS CARDS" at the top of a sports card, although the back gives a hint.
Card back.
"SPORTS CARDS" is again in big letters on the card back, but this time there's some additional context.  It says at the top, Allan Kaye's Sports Cards News & Price Guides, and at the bottom the copyright includes "Sports Cards News."  There must have been a publication whose short title was "SPORTS CARDS" and whose longer title included the name of the guy behind it, Allan Kaye.  Never heard of it otherwise.  No idea in the world where I picked the card up, but I suppose this card, which is #32 from the set, may have been a promotion handed out in a show, or maybe even inserted in a publication I did read (like Baseball Cards magazine).

So, thanks for reading, even as my posts become a bit more irregular.  I do certainly enjoy cards and writing about cards, so I will try to keep up with the blog throughout this busy period.


  1. Those old magazine cards are some of my favorites.

    1. I really like most of my old magazine cards, which are cutouts from magazines that I bought. This one is odd in that I didn't own the publication.

  2. Do what you gotta do...wee all have to keep in perspective the the hobby is a hobby, not our livelihood!