Saturday, April 28, 2018

Recent Acquisition: Sam Jethroe

I just bought this 1951 Bowman Sam Jethroe, graded PSA 7, for the PSA-graded portion of my collection.  My goal is to get about 60 PSA-graded cards to fill the box that I bought for them, and I'm at around 25 so far.
1951 Bowman Sam Jethroe, graded PSA 7.
Sam Jethroe was the 12th black MLB player, debuting with the Boston Braves on April 18, 1950, which was opening day for the 1950 season.  Jethroe debuted in 1938 with the Indianapolis ABCs, of the Negro American League.  He then played with Cincinnati and Cleveland of the Negro American League through 1948, before moving to Montreal of the International League (AAA-level minor league ball).  Montreal was famously affiliated with the Dodgers, and the Dodgers sold Jethroe's contract to the Boston Braves after the 1949 season. 

In 1950, he won the NL Rookie of the Year, hitting .273 and leading the NL with 35 steals.  He again led the NL in steals in 1951, again with 35.  He slumped in 1952, and was then sent back to the minors.  He returned briefly to the majors, playing 2 games with the Pirates in 1954, and then played several more years in the minors.
Card back.
The card back comments on his speed, his 1950 season, and his strong record at Montreal.  There's some kind of stain near the top, and a similar one at the bottom; I don't know how the old Bowman cards were packaged, but one would guess they are wax stains from the wrapper.

This card adds to my collection of early black MLB players, to my collection of PSA cards, and to my collection of NL base-stealing champs.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome card! 1951 Bowman is a fantastic set, and I always like to see other collectors pick up PSA-graded vintage singles since I'm one of the few that likes slabbed cards.

    1. Thanks -- I do like the 1951 Bowmans. This is my second, after I got the Richie Ashburn last year. I plan to get a couple more (PSA-graded like this one).