Wednesday, May 8, 2019

1990 Topps Minis #44: Dave Stieb

We have another of the 1990 Topps Mini League Leaders today, #44 Dave Stieb of Toronto.
#44, Dave Stieb.
Stieb was a premier pitcher of the day and one of many excellent Blue Jays of the late 80s and early 90s.  Wikipedia tells me that Stieb is second only to Jack Morris in wins during the 1980s.  He was with the Jays in 1992 but unfortunately didn't appear in the postseason, and was released in October.
Dave Stieb card back.
The reason Stieb is in the set appears to be just placing 4th in the AL in batting average against.  I'm surprised they used this as a stat for this set, since I don't recall this being something that people talked about back in the day.  Of course people talk about way more stats, and whole new categories of stats, today. 

That is it for the first half of this 88-card set!  We have shown all the AL players.  Up next is the checklist, and then we have the NL players, starting with Atlanta.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Second in wins during the 1980s? I wouldn't have guessed that. Pretty cool.