Friday, August 23, 2019

1986 Fleer sticker back Famous Feats

In yesterday's post, I showed the 5 old 44-card Fleer boxed sets that I recently picked up.  Of course, these being Fleer products, the boxed sets contain not just cards but also Fleer stickers.  I started seriously collecting in 1987, so I don't think I ever saw any of the 1986 Fleer stickers.  Here are the backs of the stickers that came in my 1986 Fleer Limited Edition set.
Hank Gowdy.
Ty Cobb.
Hank Gowdy hit .545 in the 1914 World Series, playing for the Boston Braves.  Ty Cobb won 12 batting titles in 13 years between 1907 and 1919.  These kinds of facts on baseball cards were an invaluable source of knowledge pre-internet.  I did have books on baseball history but I learned so much from things like this; these remind me a lot of the 1985 Topps Woolworth All-Time Record Holders set I blogged about a while ago.
Hack Wilson.
Ed Reulbach.
Here we have Hack Wilson, who drove in 190 runs with the Cubs in 1930 (although Baseball Reference says that it was actually 191 runs).  This is still the all-time record, and Wilson is in the Hall of Fame.  Ed Reulbach is a player I've never heard of before, and he pitched a double-header shutout for the Cubs in 1908.  I bet he threw more than 100 pitches that day!
Walter Johnson.
Bill Klem.
Then we have another pair of Hall-of-Famers, Walter Johnson and umpire Bill Klem.  And even if people know about Walter Johnson, they might not know this particular thing about him, that he won 38 games with a score of 1-0.

When I bought the boxed sets, I didn't give any thought to the stickers.  Two of the five boxed sets I got were from 1988 and two were from 1989; I have seen lots of those stickers over the years.  But these Famous Feats were a pleasant surprise and are definitely an added benefit of getting the 1986 Fleer Limited Edition boxed set.  It almost makes me want to order a 1986 Fleer wax box.  Almost.

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