Friday, August 9, 2019

A Robinson and a Mantle

I recently was able to pick up a couple of nice cards for my small PSA-graded subcollection. 
1956 Topps Jackie Robinson.
When I resumed collecting two years ago, one of the first cards I bought was a 1954 Jackie Robinson, graded PSA 4.  As a kid I never imagined owning a Jackie Robinson card, but now that I have one, I thought two would be even better.  I mentioned getting some good news at work earlier this year, and to celebrate I would be getting a few nice cards.  So in addition to the Monte Irvin and Larry Doby cards I showed before, I now have my second real Jackie Robinson card.
1961 Topps Mickey Mantle World Series card.
There are a few championships that are especially commemorated in my collection, such as the 1971 Pirates, the 1979 Pirates, and the 1980 Phillies.  And I'm working on getting PSA-graded versions of the 1961 Topps cards recognizing the 1960 Pirates World Series win.  This is the fifth of the eight cards that I have from the series; they're mostly graded PSA 6, but one is PSA 7.  It's not the best example of a Mantle card, but I think it still counts.

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  1. That must've been some really good news to be able to go out and get such neat cards. For a lot of collectors, that '56 Jackie is like the holy grail of cards, so congratulations on adding that to your collection. The Mantle is really great too, it definitely counts as a Mantle BTW, personally speaking, given the opportunity to own either of these... I'd choose the Mantle!

    1. I might have liked to get a Robinson from earlier in his career, but those are much more expensive. But the '56 is such a beautiful card, I'm really happy to have it.