Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Discards: Some 1989 Topps Sticker Super Star Cards

In getting my collection ready for storage in our new basement, I went through everything I have, in some cases finding things I remembered well, and in some cases rediscovering things I had forgotten.  In addition to the mini league leaders I wrote about previously, I have a few other kinds of miniature cards.  One of these is the Topps Sticker Super Stars.

Ten cards which I have thrown away: 1989 Topps Super Stars which were missing their stickers from the reverse side.
I don't know how many years Topps made these sticker Super Star cards.  I remember Panini stickers, but over the years I had forgotten that Topps made their own stickers, or that they put a baseball card on the other side of the sticker.  My collection includes these from at least a couple of years, though.  For these ten cards, I decided to toss them in the trash, because they are missing the sticker on the other side.  I think I have a couple hundred of them (maybe not all the same year) with the stickers intact.  These ten without their stickers feel incomplete to me, and in my review of my entire collection, they're almost the only thing (almost -- another post with a few more discards will be coming) I decided not to keep.

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