Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mystery Solved Thanks to New Internet Technology

I've said before that I collected in the pre-internet age.  I would get information from various magazines, such as Beckett and Baseball Cards, and by talking fellow collectors and the owners at the card shops I frequented.  This left some gaps, and some knowledge was not to be found.  Flash forward thirty years, and with the power of the internet, I can now look up old mystery cards.

I never knew what this Will Clark card was.
At a show one day, I acquired this Will Clark card.  It looked unlicensed to me -- a fellow collector had a number of unlicensed Broder cards from the same time period, and this looked similar (the Broder cards had plain fronts and this had a fancy border, but otherwise it has the same feel).  The magazines only covered the licensed sets (I think), and the dealers I knew weren't familiar with this set.  So, I tucked it away and figured some things are just mysteries.

In the intervening years, many resources have come online.  The back of the card indicates that it is card #9 in a 1988 set called Big League All-Stars Series 2.  Thanks to The Trading Card Database, this is enough information to track it down.  I can say now that this is from an unlicensed set by Pacific Cards and Comics.  I can't find anything else about Pacific Cards and Comics, but knowing this much is a victory.


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