Friday, August 18, 2017

From My Collection: 1990 Donruss Delino Deshields Rookie Cards

Since I've rejoined the baseball card collecting world a few weeks ago, I've read whatever articles and blog and forum posts I could find about the "junk wax" era.  I only now discovered that my era of collecting was known as the junk wax era.  In hindsight, it makes sense.  In some people's comments, I've found people joking about how (not) valuable certain rookie cards which were hot at the time are, such as Todd Van Poppel or Delino Deshields. 
Two 1990 Donruss Delino Deshields Rated Rookie cards.
Having been largely away from baseball since 1994, I just looked up online whatever became of Deshields.  I certainly remember him from the time, though, because he was a big deal locally -- like me, Deshields is a Delawarean.  Delaware isn't a big state (about 100 miles long by 20 miles wide), and he came from the opposite end (I'm from Newark at the top of the state and he's from Seaford at the bottom of the state).  Not many Delawareans make the big leagues, so it's always something noteworthy.  According to Wikipedia and Baseball Reference, he ended his career with over 1500 hits and just over 500 RBI, and with a .268 average, in 13 major league seasons, and was once traded for Pedro Martinez.

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