Friday, September 22, 2017

From My Collection: 1987 Kraft Cut-Outs

1987 Kraft Home Plate Heroes, Tony Pena and Ozzie Guillen.

I guess these must have come from a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese, which was something we didn't eat much when I was a kid. So, these two Kraft cut-out cards are (almost) the only such things I have.  As the picture shows, I wasn't especially good at cutting them out, so I left a lot of space around the dotted line.  For some reason, many food-issue cards like Kraft, Post, and Ralston-Purina don't get the license to use the logos (unlike Hostess and Kellogg's, though); I always thought less of these cards because of that.

Even if I dislike the airbrushed caps, at least I like the two players.  As a Pirates fan, I always liked Pena, although by the time I started really paying attention to baseball he was the former Pirates catcher; he was traded to the Cardinals on April 1, 1987.  At least the Pirates got some talent for him, especially Andy Van Slyke.  I remember Guillen mainly as the 1985 AL Rookie of the Year, but he of course distinguished himself later as a manager by breaking the White Sox drought, winning the World Series in 2005, the first for the White Sox since 1917.

I say that these are almost the only Kraft cut-outs that I have.  That's because I got a couple of Kraft cards from the 60s at the consignment shop that I mentioned in a previous post. I'll post about them another time.


  1. I wish that this pairing existed today - I love me a big bowl of mac and cheese. Well, I suppose it's good for my waistline that it doesn't!

    Also, I may be a Cubs fan, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a soft spot for Ozzie Guillen. That man and his teams were just fun to watch!

  2. That's very true -- if there were baseball cards with sugared cereals, M&Ms, and mac and cheese like there were in the 80s, it would be bad for my weight, too.