Thursday, October 26, 2017

A Trip to the Dollar Store: 2016, 2017 Donruss

My collection really ends at 1994.  Sometime around 1991, I switched to primarily collecting comic books, so the 1992-1994 part of my collection is much thinner than the 1987-1991 part.  Until I made a recent trip to the dollar store, I had exactly one post-1994 card in my collection, as I wrote about in a post about my first trade in many years.  At the dollar store, I bought four packs with four cards each in them, so I guess I now own exactly 17 post-1994 cards.  Those packs were 3 packs of 2017 Donruss cards, and 1 pack of 2016 Donruss cards.  I'm posting here my 6 favorite of these 16 Donruss cards; I'll say that I was skeptical that I would like Donruss cards without the team logos, but I do think these are nice cards.
2016 Donruss Mike Trout.
I hear this Mike Trout guy is a big deal.  I really only watch the Pirates lately, so I don't know much about other teams.  It's not like 1987, when I knew who all the league leaders were all the time.  I see, looking him up now, that he's a six-time All-Star, a two-time AL MVP, and was AL Rookie of the Year.
2017 Donruss Duke Snider.
Duke Snider I know about.  I have one good card of Duke Snider, which I'll post soon.  I have a handful of cards like this of Snider, printed long after his career.
2017 Donruss Anthony Rizzo.
This year wasn't as bad, but last year, the Cubs completely dominated the Pirates.  I remember the names of some of the Cubs from this hard-to-watch experience which culminated in the Cubs as champions.
2017 Donruss Paul Goldschmidt.
Paul Goldschmidt I have also heard of, and I know he's a slugger.  The best thing about this card is that I learned from it the Goldschmidt is a Delawarean!  Like me, he was born in Wilmington, DE.  I looked him up and learned that he was actually raised in Texas, but I don't care -- I will add him to the list of famous Delawareans I'm aware of.
2017 Donruss Bryce Harper.
Bryce Harper I mainly know of from his T-Mobile commercials.  I guess my favorite Washington National is Jayson Werth, whom I remember from the Phillies' 2008 World Championship team.
2017 Donruss Buster Posey.
Buster Posey I've heard of, but mainly from the Buster Posey rule about catchers and baserunners and blocking the plate.

These are 6 of the 16 cards from the 4 packs I bought at the dollar store; it's entirely possible that some of the other 10 cards have important, excellent players, but I know so little about modern baseball that I didn't recognize them.  I know that I didn't get any Pirates.  Despite my feeble knowledge these days, and despite the lack of logos, like I said, I thought these are nice cards.

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