Saturday, November 30, 2019

New to my unopened collection: 1986 Sportflics

I said that I've purchased a bunch of Sportflics, and am continuing to post them. There are two main thrusts of this: the 1986 Sportflics Decade Greats set which I started going through, and an unopened box of 1986 Series 1 Sportflics. Today's post focuses on the unopened aspect.  As was usual back then 36 packs came to a box.  I opened six packs leaving 30 for my unopened collection.
Outer sleeve.
A "Big Six" card attached to the inner box, showing Wade Boggs and Willie McGee.
The box comes with a white outer sleeve that you remove, to reveal the retail box and packs inside.  The retail box comes with a single card glued on.  I don't think it can be salvaged, since they must have used a bunch of glue to keep it on there.  I suspect different boxes get different cards; this box has a "Big Six" card, number 183, of the so-called triple crown.
Don Mattingly and Dave Parker pictured.
Darrell Evans and Dale Murphy pictured.
Of course no one won the 1985 triple crown, but this card features the AL and NL league leaders in each of the triple crown categories.  We have Wade Boggs, Darrell Evans, and Don Mattingly for the AL, and Willie McGee, Dale Murphy, and Dave Parker for the NL.  I've taken the photos so that you can see all six players.
Pack back.
You can see the pack fronts in the three images above.  Here's the pack back, with a partial checklist printed on the top half.  They let you know that you can write them for a complete checklist of Series 1, and they also let you know to watch out for Series 2.

Thanks for reading!  I'll post the cards I got from the six packs I opened in due course.


  1. Everything about this is cool. The box, the design of the wrapper, the colors. Looking forward to seeing what cards you got.