Friday, December 8, 2017

Some Whiz Kids Memorabilia

I've said many times in the few months I've been writing this blog that my dad was a little kid when the Phillies won the NL pennant; these were the Whiz Kids, and they made a big impression on Dad.  Towards the end of his life, I gave him some Whiz Kids memorabilia as a gift.  After he died, Mom returned it to me.
1975 Commemorative Program.
Program back.
The main item I gave Dad was this special 1975 Phillies program commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Whiz Kids. 
Whiz Kids Team Picture.
Inside is a wealth of information, and especially photos, of that pennant-winning year.  If you're a fan of a different team, you might not quite understand what being a Phillies fan was like.  By 1975, the Phils were almost 100 years old (founded in 1883), had only ever won two pennants (1915 and 1950) and no championships.  The 25th anniversary of winning a pennant was the most they had to celebrate.  This would all change a few years later, of course, with the 1980 World Series win by Schmidt, Rose, Carlton, and company.
Richie Ashburn avoiding a pickoff attempt.
Those Whiz Kids had two eventual Hall-of-Famers, Robin Roberts and Richie Ashburn, whom I've posted about a number of times.  Here's a nice picture of Ashburn sliding back into first to avoid being picked off.
Whiz Kids buttons.
I also got Dad these two Whiz Kids buttons.  I assume these are from approximately 1950, but I don't see how to tell for sure.  They do look old-fashioned.
1954 Bowman Stan Lopata.
Finally, since this is a baseball card blog, I'll close with a baseball card of one of the Whiz Kids.  Here we have Stan Lopata, featured on a 1954 Bowman card.  Lopata was a catcher with the Phils from 1948-1958, and played with the Braves from 1959-1960.  He was an All-Star in 1955 and 1956.