Monday, December 11, 2017

Towards a 1972 Topps Pirates Team Set

I've posted before about how the 1980 Phillies are commemorated in my collection, through the 1980 Topps Burger King Phillies set, the 1981 Topps Coca-Cola Phillies set, and the 1981 Topps Bob Walk rookie card.  I posted about my partial 1980 Topps Pirates team set, to commemorate the 1979 Pirates.  I also want the 1971 Pirates and the 1960 Pirates have a significant presence in my collection.  I have no progress yet on the 1960 Pirates, but when I stopped collecting in 1994, I had a few 1972 Topps cards of the Pirates, including Clemente and Stargell.
1972 Topps Pirates World Champions card.
This team picture was surely the first card I got for my 1972 Pirates project.  I think I got it at Stale Gum, the first card shop I ever visited.  Stale Gum closed not too long after I started collecting in the 80s.
Roberto Clemente.
You can see this Roberto Clemente card is damaged in a number of ways.  This made it affordable for me as a teenager.  I really liked picking this card up back in the day because in addition to being a Roberto Clemente card, and in addition to being a start for my team set, this was a card I was familiar with from the 1987 Topps Turn Back the Clock subset.
Willie Stargell.
Willie Stargell, in action.
I've had the two Willie Stargell cards, the regular card and the in action card, for a long time as well.  I don't have any specific memories about acquiring them, but I've always appreciated them.
Bob Moose.
Bill Virdon.
The only two other regular cards I had for the team set are Bob Moose and Bill Virdon.  Virdon is here as the manager, but he started as Pirates manager in 1972.  Danny Murtaugh was manager for both the 1960 and 1971 championship teams; Virdon was a player on that 1960 team.  Virdon managed them to a divisonal title in 1972.  They lost the playoffs to the Reds when the winning run in Game 5 scored on wild pitch by Bob Moose.  Moose spent his whole career with the Pirates, going 76-71 with a 3.50 ERA from 1967-1976.  He threw a no-hitter in 1969, and went 11-7 in the regular season in 1971.  Moose's career ended with his death in a car accident, on his 29th birthday, in October, 1976.

I won't repost them all here, but I've recently acquired the regular Manny Sanguillen card as well, and I have the two World Series subset cards featuring Sanguillen, one as a recent acquisition.  (I posted the 1972 O-Pee-Chee of the regular Sanguillen before, but I also picked up the Topps at the same time.)  Here is the World Series Sanguillen card I've had since the early 90s, though, featuring Sanguillen in the air as an Oriole slides under him.
1972 Topps World Series card, with Manny Sanguillen in the air.
I don't have much urgency on this, but I'll slowly be looking to pick up more of the team set, including the World Series subset.

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