Monday, March 25, 2019

Missing card identified and found: Starting Lineup Talking Baseball Tony Gwynn

I haven't posted in a bit over two months.  This was an accidental hiatus; I've been caught up in work, but things have dissipated a bit and I hope to be able to keep up a bit better here.  At the same time I will need to keep my expectations reasonable as far as posting goes, I think -- I have a tendency to think I will make all sorts of posts with a great many cards, but when it comes to getting the cards together, scanning, cropping, and writing, it gets overwhelming.  So I will try to be realistic and post a few times a week with posts with not a huge number of cards in them.
Tony Gwynn.
As far as a subject for this post goes, I have this one card to offer, the 1988 Starting Lineup Talking Baseball game card for NL All-Star Tony Gwynn.  I posted what I thought was the whole NL All-Star set previously, explaining that I received this game for my 13th birthday in 1988.  The game itself came with two teams built-in that you could play against each other, the NL All-Stars and the AL All-Stars.  You could then buy cartridges with additional teams, and I had one cartridge that had the Pirates, Phillies, and Mets teams on it.  That cartridge came with cards for those three teams.

My AL All-Stars set had 20 cards in it, and my NL All-Stars set had 19 cards.  I thought at the time that this is the way it was, and conjectured that perhaps computer memory being what it was at the time, maybe there was room for only 39 players total.  But that was wrong, fortunately, and I found this Tony Gwynn lost in the closet of my old bedroom when I went to get a few more things from my mom's house this past weekend.  It was in the wrong place but the right general neighborhood, mixed in with some non-card baseball memorabilia.  Tony Gwynn has now gained his rightful place, joining the other NL All-Stars in a team set bag.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I had been wondering if all was well, glad to hear that it is!