Sunday, June 23, 2019

Some Philadelphia Athletics

I work in Philadelphia and grew up in the area; I've always been aware of the Philadelphia A's and Connie Mack's place in Philadelphia baseball history.  I've said several times on this blog that I appreciate that the Phillies commemorate the A's history in Philadelphia with their wall of fame being the "Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame."  They don't induct any more Athletics these days, figuring they've got all the ones they wanted already (it's getting close to 70 years since they left), but if you go looking at the stadium, you'll find Connie Mack, Jimmie Foxx, Lefty Grove, Al Simmons, and more.
1949 Bowman Elmer Valo.
I thought I should add some Philadelphia Athletics to my main binder.  Not long ago I picked up some Kansas City A's from the 1956 Topps set, but I never had any good cards of Philadelphia A's.  One of those 1956 Topps cards was of Elmer Valo, who was inducted onto the Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame in 1990.  This 1949 Bowman card is my first from that set, and I think this must be only my second card from the 1940s, after my 1940 Play Ball Jimmie Foxx.
1951 Bowman Joe Coleman.
Then we have a 1951 Bowman, was my third card from that set when I bought it, I think.  My first two 1951 Bowman were Richie Ashburn and Sam Jethroe.  I have since picked up the Larry Doby I posted the other day, and just a few minutes ago I bought Sherm Lollar from COMC, to make cards four and five from the set.  Coleman was a pitcher and the father of another MLB pitcher Joe Coleman, whose card is in the 1980 Topps set with the Pirates.  The younger Coleman pitched 10 games with the Bucs in their championship season in 1979 but didn't appear in the postseason.  This Joe Coleman is the grandfather of, and the younger Joe Coleman is the father of, Casey Coleman, who has pitched for the Cubs and Royals.
1951 Topps Red Back Elmer Valo.
Then we have my second-ever 1951 Topps; I posted my first, which was also a Red Back, of Ray Boone.  I made this endeavor really to get some Philadelphia A's into my binder, and the selection of particular players was secondary.  There's no good reason that I chose to repeat with Elmer Valo, but I'm happy to have another card from this set.
1952 Bowman Eddie Joost.
Finally we have what is my first card from 1952 Bowman, with Eddie Joost.  Joost was inducted into the Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame in 1995.  Joost was not only a player but also became the player-manager for the 1954 season, when the Mack family's ownership was coming to an end among years of financial troubles.  Joost's 1954 A's finished with a 51-103 record.  The A's only fared slightly better after moving to Kansas City, and it wasn't until 1968 in Oakland that the team really came alive.

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