Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Progress on my 1955 Bowman set

I posted the other day about being nearly finished with my 1972 Topps set, so I thought I'd give an update on how I'm doing with my 1955 Bowman set as well.
Jocko Conlan.
I focused my Black Friday shopping on knocking out 1972 Topps needs, but I did buy a few 1955 Bowman cards.  And this Jocko Conlan, the Hall of Fame umpire, just arrived in the mail yesterday from an eBay seller.  Jocko here puts me at 178/320 cards, or 55.6% complete.  The high numbers are about the last one-third of the set, so about 106 cards or so, and I have 26 of those.  I have two of the four highest-value cards -- of Mantle, Aaron, Banks, and Mays, I have the Mantle and Aaron.  So, my plan is to keep slogging through it for the next year, sometimes getting the more expensive cards while focusing on completing the more easily attainable part of the set.  I don't expect I'll quite finish the whole set in 2020 but I hope to be much closer.
Jocko Conlan card back.
As for Conlan himself, on the one hand, I think everyone likes these umpire cards and I'm no exception.  On the other hand, besides the novelty of the umpire cards, I learned from this card back that Conlan was actually a player himself, and started umpiring when he filled in for a sick umpire.  Wikipedia says that in those days, "a player with a reputation for honesty might be pressed into service if one umpire became incapacitated."  It was a different time, for sure.

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  1. -I have working on this set for awhile now, originally wanted to go after the 1953 Bowman Color....Mr Conlan's card numbered 303 is one of the 38 I need to complete this set...I believe it is the most expensive one left too along with another 2 umpire cards (267 and 283)...They are tough to find..the high series 224 to 320 is extremely difficult also....

    1. I definitely didn't really understand about the high numbers when I started. But now I'm going to see it through.

  2. Those backs must make great reading.

  3. How great (and bizarre) would it be to see a modern-day player come off the bench and put the umpire gear on?

  4. Sounds like you're well on your way to completing this set. If you can get through the '72T highs, the '55B highs aren't really that tough.

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